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Best of 2009

With New Year’s being only 15 minutes away where I am (Japan), here’s my Best of 2009!

Top 3 bands of 2009
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel. They released their Live in Paris dvd this year, and all their solo projects were very active and amazing as well!
02. D’erlanger. New album, and from what I have heard their show in the NHK Hall in Tokyo in November was amazing too (and is probably gonna be made into a dvd if I got this right!)
03. MUCC. Lots of activity overseas, as well as a new album, as well as being just plain amazing lately!

Top 5 albums of 2009
This was seriously difficult. I know throughout the year I felt there wasn’t enough new music released by artists I like, but looking back there was plenty. Very good stuff too! That’s why I decided to not make this a top 3 like in previous years, but instead a top 5.
01. Ken – In Physical. When this was just released I had doubts about it, but it grew on me and now I absolutely absolutely love it.
02. D’erlanger – D’ERLANGER. This was one of the albums I was really looking forward to from the moment I heard about the release. I wasn’t disappointed. It has a bit of a different vibe from D’erlanger’s previous two albums but I’m in love with this album.
03. シド – hikari. I was very disappionted in the previous two albums, play and Sentimental Macchiato, so for the first time I decided to not pre-order this new album when it came out. Until a friend said this album was great, I didn’t listen to it either. But it ended up being amazing, exactly what I like to hear from シド!
04. Vamps – Vamps. Only 4th place for Vamps this time. I definitely like their album, the only reason it’s only 4th place is because I like places 1 to 3 just a little better.
05. B’z – Magic. In all honesty, this album was once again the same style as Monster and Action and not all that unique. But looking at it seperately I think it’s a great album and I really enjoy it!

Top 3 performances of 2009
01. This is cheating because it’s an event, but… Jack in the Box 2009! A lot of my favourite artists together on one event, the session bands… everything was just perfect. I loved all the performances (minus Zoro, don’t care about them), and especially seeing Ken live was a lot of fun.
02. VAMPS on September 5th. I had an arena ticket for this show, and in the Budokan you can simply rock out more when you’ve got an arena ticket, so that helped a lot. The show was kick-ass!
03. BUG on September 25th. They had shows on two consecutive days, and during the first day they played songs mostly from the first half of their discography. On the second day, the 25th, they played songs from the latter half of their discography and because I really love that part of their discography I was very very happy! Amazing setlist, amazing atmosphere, great show!

Best newly (re)discovered band/artist of 2009:
01. BUG
02. heidi.
03. Da endorphine

Biggest disappointment of 2009: None really. Maybe the fact that not so many (interesting) artists came to the Netherlands (when I was there), or the fact that I’m now living in Nagasaki which is far away from all the good concerts haha.

Looking forward to in 2010: L’Arc~en~Ciel solo projects. Looks like all of them are going to be active with concerts (and possible releases) and I want to catch as many of them as possible! Also, right now I’m really looking forward to the two D’ERLANGER concerts I will be attending in February in Fukuoka.

Artist top 10 of 2009 according to
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel
03. HYDE
04. ギルガメッシュ
06. Dir en grey
07. B’z
08. BUG
09. Ken
10. シド