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Tanz der Vampire in Stuttgart

In March last year I went on a small pilgrimage to Stuttgart to see the German production of Tanz der Vampire with one of my German homegirls. The moment we arrived in Stuttgart we were greeted by these posters:

Tanz der Vampire Tanz der Vampire

I was impressed by Stuttgart. I had no idea what to expect but the city was beautiful, especially the Schlossplatz.

So, that evening we headed to the theatre for the show! The area around the theater is really nice by the way, with a shopping mall (with a store selling musical merchandise!) and a cafe with amazing coffee!

Tanz der VampireThis wasn’t the first time I saw Tanz der Vampire, as I was lucky enough to see the Flemish production too. However, the German and Flemish productions differed quite a bit. The Flemish production was much smaller but you could definitely feel the love that was put into it. This was the same in the German production, but it was much more grand, with a larger stage and an orchestra. Both versions however have definitely found their way into my heart!

The music of this German production was amazing. Better than any cast CD I’ve heard. And from a linguaphile point of view German is most definitely the best language to see this musical in. It was simply hilarious, with my favourite lines being Krolock’s sie müssen mir ihr Buch signier’n, und lange lange bleeeeiiiben and Herbert’s das wird gigaaaantisch romaaaaantisch.

In Stuttgart we went to see the production on two consecutive days and got a completely different cast on both days. On Saturday night we got the first cast. Both casts were incredibly good.

Tanz der VampireSaturday cast:
Von Krolock Jan Ammann
Sarah Sabrina Auer
Alfred Krisha Dalke
Professor Abronsius Christian Stadlhofer
Chagal Christoph Leszczynski
Magda Linda Konrad
Herbert Florian Fetterle
Koukol Stefan Büdenbender
Rebecca Jeanne-Marie Nigl

Sunday cast:
Von Krolock Kevin Tarte
Sarah Antje Eckermann
Alfred Tim Edwards
Professor Abronsius Christian Stadlhofer
Chagal Florian Soyka
Magda Linda Konrad
Herbert Florian Fetterle
Koukol Lucas Theisen
Rebecca Jeanne-Marie Nigl

Tanz der Vampire

On Sunday morning we headed out to the theater early for the backstage tour. It was really interesting and fun! Tanz der Vampire involves a lot of technique and it was interesting to see how they did some of the tricks. Also fascinating to see that the bed from Carpe Noctem is really just that: a bed. Pretty amazing! And funny thing: before we went backstage we were given garlic to ‘keep the vampires away’. We weren’t going to need it though, because damn, the garlic smell of the stage was awful haha. I suppose I got my answer to “are you using real garlic in the show?” haha. Another interesting detail: the cast consists of 11 nationalities!

Finally, best piece of merchandise? I think so:
Tanz der Vampire