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Best of 2007

Top 3 bands of 2007
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel. Obviously I’m quite biased since they’re my absolute favourite band, but even so this was a really interesting year for them. They had their Mata Heart ni Hi o Tsukero tour and released a lot of items, including a great new album. Great year for them!
02. シド. I haven’t really followed them through the year, but they released a bunch of stuff and were featured in magazines a lot.
03. B’z. Actually, it was too difficult to pick a 3rd artist, so that’s why I choose them.

Top 3 albums of 2007
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel – KISS. Fucking great album! I don’t have words for it. Every song is amazing, and the album is really well put together. Best album of 2007, and possibly my favourite album of all times (so far)? We’ll see.
02. B’z – Action. I like B’z, but I can admit that at times they get quite repetitive. However, this album is really good!
03. the GazettE – Stacked Rubbish. I never thought I’d mention this album here, but there we go. There have been plenty more good albums, but for a band that I’m not even into, I really love this album. It’s good!

Top 3 performances of 2007
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel in Obihiro. It was just perfect in every aspect!
02. Plastic Tree in Amstelveen. A lot of bands performed well this year, but their performance really touched me somehow.
03. Girugämesh in Cologne. I barely knew them, but the show was really good and it’s been a while since I’ve been headbanging like that. Great!

Best newly discovered band/artist of 2007:
01. girugämesh
02. レミオロメン
03. David Sylvian

Biggest disappointment of 2007: Dir en grey. I still think The marrow of a bone is a piece of crap and their concert in the Netherlands wasn’t so great either -because- they mostly played crap from the latest album. Such a pity, because musically they are really good and live they are quite good too, but it’s just that album. What a waste.

Looking forward to in 2008: Hopefully seeing HYDE and B’z live, the new シド album, new L’Arc~en~Ciel releases… I can go on and on and on!

Last but not least, 2007 stats:
Artist top 10 of 2007 (from the reset on September 20th til December 30th)
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel
02. Plastic Tree
03. D’erlanger
04. B’z
05. Hyde
06. 슈퍼주니어
07. シド
08. Dir en grey
09. Silver Ash
10. Glay
Other artists that are not in the top10 but that I did listen to a lot (in the car, on my stereo, on my iPod when it wouldn’t scrobble, etc.):
Penicillin, Die in cries, 雅-miyavi-, Hikaru Utada, Bløf, Zi:Kill, Tetsu69, David Sylvian, レミオロメン

Best of 2006 – Taking Hydrocodone now

Best album: An Cafe – Magnya Carta
Seriously fun album. Halfway this year I suddenly got really sick of all the dark/emo stuff and got really into An Cafe (mainly thanks to YAGAI DE NYAPPY in Tokyo). This album is just so much fun to listen to, and you can also clearly notice that their music is growing and getting better. This was, together with SID’s “play” album, one of the few releases I was -really- looking forward to this year.

Best live performance: DIR EN GREY – Inward Scream tour start 8/1
This concert was so absolutely amazing. No words can describe it. To begin with, it was already tons better than the concerts I went to in Europe. They played better, and the atmosphere was so much nicer. And it felt really special to hear all the new songs before they were released. This was definitely the best concert of 2006.

Goosebump moment: (Again) DIR EN GREY – Inward Scream tour start 8/1

Surprisingly good live performance: Both Dir en grey shows in Japan. Being used to their ‘crappy’ shows in Europe… This was much better!

Worst live performance: N/A

Surprising event: D’ERLANGER getting back together after 17 years..!

Best song: B’z – Monster
My Japanese host family is completely obsessed with B’z. So after I stayed there in the summer of 2005 I started to show more interest in B’z. This year I got really into them. “Monster” is just a seriously amazing song. I can’t wait til I can buy the album!

Best newly discovered band/artist: An Cafe, Panic Channel, D, LM.C
I didn’t actually discover An Cafe or Panic Channel, but I did ‘rediscover’ them. I’m also glad I discovered D. With all the crappy indies bands around lately, it was really great to hear some proper music. And LM.C is just awesome!

Four bands/artists that also deserved to be mentioned (in random order): Sid, Hyde, MIYAVI

2006 album top 10:
1. An Cafe – Magnya Carta
2. SID – play
3. B’z – Monster
4. Miyavi – MYV*POPS
5. Hyde – FAITH
6. Anna Tsuchiya – strip me?
7. Onmyouza – Inyo-Shugyoku
8. Weird Al Yankovic – Straight Outta Lynwood
9. Merry – Peepshow
10. Gazette – NIL

I hope you guys enjoyed my list! So much music comes out in a year it can be difficult to keep up with it all, so hopefully this helps out. Yeah, this year was tough for me. I used to think I was a healthy guy, sick maybe once a year, all that. Well my one this year ended up being pretty serious and it’s still not gone. I need to find where I can hydrocodone buy online so that I can take the medication as per the doctor’s instructions. From what I’m being told by him the pain is a bit of an uncertainty, if it ever goes away and when. I’m trying my best to stay patient, but I mean feeling pain or even mild discomfort all day everyday is not fun. Hopefully this works. Anyways! There’s no telling what’ll happen next year of course, but I will do my best to get you guys a list for 07!