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Dans der Vampieren

On October 16th I went to see Tanz der Vampire (Dans der Vampieren) in Antwerp in Belgium.

Dans der Vampieren

It was brilliant! I had heard mixed opinions before, mostly about bad sound, but it wasn’t anything that I was bothered by during the musical. It was the first time I saw this musical though, so I have nothing to compare it to.

With this musical, I just love the combination of it being sort of dark and mysterious yet hilarious. It really helped that the actors were pretty good at the ‘hilarious’ part, especially Sébastien De Smet as Professor Abronsius, and Koukol’s actor (Von Krolock’s assistent, I don’t know who played him since it was an understudy). I also love the plot twist at the end, haha (note: my favourite musical = everyone dies, usually XD).

All the actors were really good singers too, I was honestly impressed. The dancing was good, not always 100% perfect, but not in an annoying way. And some dancers showed real skill, especially all the lifts and almost acrobatic dancing in some parts of the musical.

So although not all aspects seperately were perfect, everything combined it was awesome, fun and sometimes even very emotional. I LOVED THIS MUSICAL, THE END.

After the show, two of the actors were doing a singing session (Frank Hoelen (Chagal) and Niels Jacobs (Alfred)), and I decided to get my stuff signed (programme book, cd and ticket). I’m never really excited about signing sessions (for various reasons) but this one was fun. They were really sweet and funny, and really took a lot of time to talk a bit and make the signature personal :) Altogether it cheered me up immensely and I’m thankful for that!

Dans der Vampieren

2010/10/16 – Dans der Vampieren – Musical van Vlaanderen (BE)

Date: 2010/10/16
Title: Dans der Vampieren
Troupe: Musical van Vlaanderen (BE)
Location: Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, BE

Main Cast
Von Krolock Hans Peter Janssens
Sarah Anne van Opstal
Professor Abronius Sébastien de Smet
Chagal Frank Hoelen
Alfred Niels Jacobs
Magda Goele de Raedt
Koukol James Cooke
Herbert Von Krolock Michaël Zanders
Rebecca Lulu Aertgeerts

2010/10/16 - Dans der Vampieren - Musical van Vlaanderen (BE)