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2011/01/22 – Soldaat van Oranje – New Productions (NL)

Date: 2011/01/22
Title: Soldaat van Oranje
Troupe: New Productions (NL)
Location: Theaterhangaar Vliegveld Valkenburg, NL

Main Cast
Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema Matteo van der Grijn
Koningin Wilhelmina Anke van ‘t Hof
Charlotte Marlijn Weerdenburg
Fred Tijn Docter
Anton Jorrit Ruijs
Bram Rutger Bulsing
Chris Boy Ooteman
Paul Niels Gooier
Victor Ad-Just Bouwman
Ada Anne Lamsvelt
Tessa Margreet Boersbroek
Generaal van ‘t Sant Nico de Vries

2011/01/22 - Soldaat van Oranje

2011/01/22 - Soldaat van Oranje

2011/01/22 - Soldaat van Oranje

2011/01/01 – 「誰がために鐘は鳴る」 – 宝塚歌劇団宙組 (JP)

Date: 2011/01/01
Title: 「誰がために鐘は鳴る」
Troupe: 宝塚歌劇団宙組 (JP)
Location: 東京宝塚劇場, JP

Main Cast
Robert Jordan Oozora Yuuhi
Maria Nono Sumika
Agustín Ranju Tomu
Andrés Hokusho Kairi
Pilar/Gertrude Guerlain Kyo Misa
Pablo Hoshihara Misao
General Golz Kotobuki Tsukasa
Sara Suzuna Saya
Rafael Yumi Hiro
Colonel Duval Amo Tamaki
Anselmo Suzu Haruki
El Soldo Kazari Jin
Primitivo Toki Irisu
Eladio Harukaze Misato
Fernando Hosho Dai
Ignacio Hasumi Yuya
Joaquin Nagina Ruumi
Rosa Junya Chitose
Lucia Sumireno Rei

2011/01/01 - 「誰がために鐘は鳴る」 - 宝塚歌劇団宙組 (JP)

2011/01/01 - 「誰がために鐘は鳴る」 - 宝塚歌劇団宙組 (JP)

2011/01/01 - 「誰がために鐘は鳴る」 - 宝塚歌劇団宙組 (JP)

Best of 2010

I had a difficult time putting together the list for 2010… I guess the main reason is that somewhere during 2010 my interests shifted from music to musicals. I still listened to a lot of music and visited a ton of concerts, but my focus wasn’t on it entirely. Anyway, I’m keeping musical stuff out of this list, just saying.

Top 3 bands of 2010
01. D’ERLANGER because of their awesome lives and their activities. And they came out with a new CD.
02. B’z. I listened to their music quite a lot this year, and their two concerts in the Fukuoka Dome and Tokyo Dome that I got to see where pretty awesome.
03. VAMPS. I loved them this year, but I also really disliked them at times too… Still, I saw them 5 times within one week haha.

Top 5 albums of 2010
01. MUCC – Karma. Really liked this release, even though it got quite some resistance from fans.
02. Ken – The Party. Ken is awesome as ever. I know it’s just a mini-album but I just had to put it on here.
03. Amy MacDonald – A Curious Thing. Love Amy MacDonald. Her second album is just as good as her first album and didn’t disappoint me!
04. Super Junior – Bonamama. Bonamama is a particularly addictive song.
05. BUG – red trip xtc. The fact that this album made it into my list this year says a lot… I like it okay…ish. I’m a big BUG fan, no scrap that, I’m a big Kyo fan, but this album wasn’t as great as some of their other albums.

Top 3 performances of 2010
01. D’ERLANGER. Both their concerts in Fukuoka were awesome ♥ I had a great time. The setlists were fun, I loved the hall in Fukuoka (yay Drum halls!), we all know Fukuoka fans are great… And to top it off I caught a guitar pick at both shows.
02. B’z. Had a lot of fun at their Fukuoka concert! The atmosphere was really great too, and so was the show. Tokyo was so-so though.
03. Bløf. Very very fun gig in Haarlem.

Best newly (re)discovered band/artist of 2010: I guess Lady Gaga. I knew about her before 2010, obviously, and I won’t say she was the best artist necessarily, but I really enjoy her music a lot. Her songs also the theme music in Nagasaki among our group of exchange students.

Biggest disappointment of 2010: Not being in Nagasaki anymore when acid android and Ken finally came over to Fukuoka for concerts :'(

Artist top 10 of 2010 according to (just can’t leave musical artists out here, sorry)
01. L’Arc~en~Ciel
02. シド
04. ムック
05. Lady Gaga
06. B’z
07. Plastic Tree
07. 宝塚歌劇団雪組
09. Musical van Vlaanderen
10. Bug

2010/12/31-2011/01/01 – L’A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! – L’Arc~en~Ciel (JP)

Date: 2010/12/31-2011/01/01
Band: L’Arc~en~Ciel (JP)
Location: 幕張メッセ国際展示場 9-11, JP


  1. あなた
  3. Driver’s High
  4. NEXUS 4
  5. winter fall
  6. flower
  7. 叙情詩
  8. 花葬
  9. I’m so happy
  10. HONEY
  11. Killing Me
  15. trick
  18. New World
  19. Link
  20. BLESS

2010/12/31-2011/01/01 - L'A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! - L'Arc~en~Ciel (JP)

2010/12/31-2011/01/01 - L'A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! - L'Arc~en~Ciel (JP)