2008/03/24 – The Spooky Fest – The Candy Spooky Theater (JP)

Date: 2008/03/24
Title: LThe Spooky Fest
Band: The Candy Spooky Theater (JP)
Location: Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands


  1. Prince Of Darkness
  2. Devilish Kidnapper
  3. Strip
  4. Present
  5. Murder Toy In The Closet
  6. Trick Or Treat
  7. ネジマキ電気椅子
  8. Bordeaux – After Midnight
  9. 眠れる森の花嫁
  10. Merry Go Round
  11. Spook House
  12. Encore:

  13. Devilish Kidnapper New Horror Taste Mix

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